Resources for Biology 305: Genetics

Instructor -- Allan Strand

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Poll Everywhere is an in-class polling service that can accept text from your phone as well as more traditional web access from a laptop or tablet (or phone, for that matter).  You are going to need it.  I'll use it to ask questions in class but also to verify attendance.  So, it's very important that you sign-up.

If you are registered for BIOL305 in the Fall of 2017, I should have sent you a link via email that will allow you to register.  If you want to use the texting feature you have to setup your poll everywhere account to include your phone number.  If you can't find the email and just want to register, use this link.

Schedule for the semester

This is a "live calendar" changes in the class schedule that occur during the semester will be reflected here:


Semester syllabus here (assignment schedule in calendar above)


Lectures for each class period are available on this site.  They are available through this link.  Lectures will typically, but not always, be available the night before class.   Note that you can sort the lectures based on date to find the most recently posted one.

Lecture notes

This is a pdf of notes I've put on the board over the semester

Problem sets

Problem setI Solutions
Problem setII Solutions
Problem setIII Solutions


Exam I Solutions
Exam II Solutions
Exam III Solutions

Survey to collect human phenotypes most of these phenotypes are not really single-gene traits, but have long been claimed to be. 

Survey to collect cat phenotypes


If I find appropriate animations to support materials in this class they will be placed in this repository or listed below:


Data that are needed to answer problem sets will be found in this repository