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Ï kid you not, statistics are now the sexiest subject on the planet"
-Hans Rosling, 2010

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Lecture notes

Lecture notes are availible as slides or as pdf documents deposited in this directory. Direct links are below:



  1. Intro to R
  2. Describe data
  3. Probability and pdfs
  4. Maximum likelihood
  5. Begin hypothesis testing
  6. power
  7. intro anova
  8. continue anova
  9. non-parametric
  10. what do you do after ANOVA?
  11. nested models
  12. Statapult
  13. intro to regression
  14. regression cont.
  15. regression cont.
  16. Analysis of Covariance
  17. Maximum likelihood regression
  18. glm: logistic regression
  19. Unequal variance
  20. Resample
  21. Frequencies
  22. Multivariate lab


During the semester, assignments can be found in this section

Problem sets


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R Markdown files

R markdown files that I use in class are found here .


Scripts used in lecture and lab can be found here

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